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Deno Boat Works is custom boat building, restoration, and repair company based in Tampa Fl.


Since 1985


Deno Boat Works was created by John DeNisco in the early 1980's. It began as an outlet for his love of all things marine instilled in him from the DeNisco family's historical involvement in the boating world. He started with odd ball custom restoration and repair projects and gradually became known for the quality of his work. Since then, Deno has grown into a business with one goal in mind: Build a completely custom product, made of the highest quality materials, at the best possible price.

Deno Boat Works now has a variety of original models offering a completely unique new boat experience for anyone, as well as a multitude of successful restoration projects to inspire a marine resurrection of your own. 



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Deno 30' Outboard Center Console Fishing Rear View.jpg

The Deno 29'+ Sport Fisher

The Deno 29'+ Sport Fisher is the ultimate in fully customizable sport fishing boats. They started as dual inboard/dual lifatble console closed deck models. They featured twin Yanmar Turbo Diesel marine engines, command and accessory consoles, bow cabins with toilets, and towers with full bridge controls. They have since evolved to include the Deno 30' Outboard Center Console and the Deno 30' Center Console Inboard/Outdrive closed deck models. The Deno 29' Sport Fisher models can be configured to handle the toughest off-shore seas all the way down to 12 inches of water. Contact us today to dream up your own Deno 29'+ Sport Fisher. Since all Deno Boats are custom pricing is individual. 

Technical Information

All the Deno 29'+ are built with vinyl ester resin, 3/4 inch Balsa Core sides, and 1 inch PVC cored bottom. We use a custom composite stringer system. Our Sport Fisher's length is 29 feet or 30 feet depending on the final configuration. The draft is 12 inches on the outboard model and 28 inches on the inboard model. The beam is 10'2". They usually feature a 200 gallon fuel tank.

To view a full a gallery of the 29'+ Sport Fisher click the link below.


Technical Info

The Deno 17' is built with all composite fabrics and no plywood. It also features the foam filled custom composite stringer grid. The Deno 17' is cored with Balsa, PVC, and PET. The hull is 17 feet, the beam 6'8", the draft is 7 inches, and 12 inch gunnels. It typically features an 18 gallon gas tank. 

For a full gallery of the 17' Flats Fisher click the link below.

The Deno 17' Flats Fisher

The Deno 17' Flats fisher is a fully customizable flats fishing model. This model includes center and side console options, tiller and steering options, polling platforms, and a variety of livewell options. The Deno 17' Flats Fisher is the most versatile Deno model to date. Contact us today to dream up your own Deno 17' Flats Fisher. Since all Deno Boats are custom contact us for individual pricing

 Click to check out Deno Boat's involvement in the restoration of this special piece of history.

Click to check out Deno Boat's involvement in the restoration of this special piece of history.

Restoration Projects

From its inception, Deno Boat Works has had a focus on the restoration and repair of used boats using the finest materials and structural techniques. From historical projects like the one to the left, to overhaul projects, to boats that just needed some new life, we have done it all. With the near unlimited knowledge and experience available to us, there is no project too large or too small. Check out the pictures below of some of our completed projects and contact us today to get your boat resurrection started. 


The Donzi 24' Spirit

Hull and deck structurally restored. Original wood and teak restored. Updated hardware, electric, and stereo. Cabin upholstery redone. Bow railing removed. Restructured engine compartment and re-powered with single I/O Mercury Mag MPI 502 big block. The outcome was a 70+ MPH restoration masterpiece. 

The 1970's Glastron Carlson

Hull and deck structurally restored. Transom completely redone and structurally upgraded. Re-powered with period appropriate Johnson 115. New seats, upholstery, and carpeting installed. Truly a restoration project James Bond would be proud of. 

The complete structural and cosmetic restoration of 1973's 28' Magnum Maltese. Including the stringers, transom, and engine compartment.

For more detailed photos click the link below.